Our Programs

Westside Community Development Corporation’s programs are subject to income qualification.

The following table shows the maximum income, different size families can have and qualify.


Homeownership Qualifications

To buy a house from WCDC you must be able to get a mortgage to finance the purchase price of the home. Westside Community Development Corporation does not make mortgages.

WCDC uses Federal subsidy dollars to create unique opportunities for first time home buyers. If you would like to learn more about becoming a homeowner contact:

Monica Thompson-Deal   (317)684-0611 ext. 203

Home Repair Qualifications

To qualify for WCDC’s Home Repair Program you must;

  • Own or be buying your residence where the requested repairs are to be made
  • be current on your property taxes
  • and have a combined household income of all people who reside with you 80% of our area’s median income       (refer to the cart at the top of the page)

If you would like more information on our Home Repair Program contact:

Lin McCalment   (317)684-0611 ext. 205

Familes in Transition (fits)

All of our families in our FITS program are referred to us by local shelters. You must come from one of the local shelters, and be referred to us to live in these units. For more information on our Families in Transition program contact:

Audrey Nannenga   (317)684-0611 ext. 204

Tibbs Court

Tibbs Court has limited availability to its 46 single family residences and 4 duplex style units. With lower than fair market rents, these units stay full and currently have a waiting list.

Christamore Court Apartments

Christamore Court Apartments are a senior living facility. As one of the most substantial building built in Haughville this century, it opened with a waiting list and still has one today. To find out how to get on the waiting list for either our Tibbs Court units or for Christamore Court Apartments please contact:

Monica Thompson-Deal   (317)684-0611 ext. 203